How to Turn Off Sounds on Facebook

Facebook notifications can become a little noisy. Thankfully, you can turn off sounds on Facebook. This guide explains how.

You might not appreciate the loud sounds that come from Facebook while using the social network app or getting notifications. You can always turn down the volume on your device; however, another option is using settings to turn off sound on Facebook.

Sounds play when you like a post, someone sends you a message, when refreshing the page, and more. The sounds can help you identify actions you’re using and improve the user experience.

If you don’t need or want these sounds on Facebook, you can switch them off. Learn how to turn off sounds on Facebook below.

How to Disable Sounds on Facebook on Mobile Devices

If you’re a heavy Facebook and Messenger user, the sounds that emanate from your phone can be overwhelming. And if you are getting those sounds and notifications in certain situations can be embarrassing.

The good news is you can turn off sounds from Facebook on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

To turn off sounds on Facebook on your mobile device:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad, Android, and sign in if you aren’t already.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  2. Tap the menu button on Android’s top right corner or the bottom right corner on iPhone.
  3. When the menu options open, scroll down and tap the Settings & Privacy option.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  4. Tap Settings on the following menu.
  5. Swipe down to the Preferences section and tap Media.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  6. If you’re on Android, in the Media menu, toggle the Sounds in the app option to the Off position.
    Note: While in this section, you might want to toggle off the Videos start with sound option.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  7. If you’re on iPhone or iPad, toggle the In-app Sounds to the Off position.
    Note: You can also toggle off the Start videos and Stories with Sound to the Off position.Turn Off Sound on Facebook

How to Turn Off Facebook Sounds on the Web

When you’re browsing Facebook on your laptop or desktop computer, you might want to prevent it from playing sounds too. Turning sounds off on the web version of Facebook is also straightforward.

To turn off sounds on Facebook on the web:

  1. Open the Facebook website in your web browser and sign into your account (if you aren’t already).
  2. Click your profile icon in the top right corner and select Settings & privacy from the menu.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  3. Click Settings in the following menu.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  4. Select the Notifications option from the Settings list on the left.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  5. Scroll down the list in the right column and find the How You Get Notifications section.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  6. Under the How You Get Notifications section, click the Browser dropdown menu.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  7. Toggle all notifications to the Off position, so you don’t receive push notifications or sounds when messages are received.Turn Off Sound on Facebook

How to Change Facebook Sounds on Android

If you don’t mind notification sounds or don’t want to turn them off, you might want to change how they sound. The good news is that if you’re an Android owner, you can change the tone of the notifications you receive.

To change notification sounds on Android:

  1. Launch the Facebook app and open Settings.Turn Off Sound on Facebook
  2. Scroll down to the Preferences section and tap the Notifications option.
  3. Scroll down to the Where You Receive Notifications section and tap Push.
  4. Tap the Tone option from the Push menu.
  5. Scroll through the menu of different sounds, choose the notification alert sound you want, and tap OK.

Making Facebook Less Annoying

If you are a frequent user of Facebook, you might not want notification sounds constantly coming from your phone. The same holds true if you’re using it on your computer. Not only can notification sounds annoy you, but other people around you might not appreciate the distractions either. The good thing is the settings in the mobile app or on the web version, let you turn off sounds on Facebook.

In addition to turning off sound on Facebook, there are other things you can do to make it more private. For example, learn how to hide Likes or read about changing your Facebook name.

Want to keep your conversations on Facebook private? Learn to use Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger. To keep your Facebook account private and secure, ensure you use two-factor authentication (2FA).

It’s also important to note that you can delete your Facebook account but keep Messenger. And speaking of annoyances, check out how to mute someone on Facebook if you continue to receive messages from a problematic user.

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