How to Turn Off Screen Animations on Windows 10

Windows will animate screens when you minimize and maximize them. It’s part of the eye candy of the modern OS. But you can disable it for a more snappy experience.

By default, Windows fades screens when you launch or close them. This is just so the operating system looks cool and modern. But waiting for them can make your PC seem slow. Especially on an older system that is running Windows 10. All the eye candy can make your machine seem sluggish. Here’s how to turn off the animations to help make your PC seem more snappy.

Disable Screen Animations on Windows 10

To disable the animation effect click the Start button and then click the gear icon to open the Settings app.

Start Settings

When the Settings screen opens up click on “Ease of Access.”

Next, scroll down to the “Simplify and personalize Windows” section. Then turn off the “Show animations in Windows” switch.

show animations in WIndows

Now that the switch is turned off, Windows will no longer animate windows when you minimize or maximize them. It also will no longer fade menus or menu items in or out.

Disable Screen Animations the Classic Way

If you would rather use the classic settings to disable animations, you still can. Open the classic Control Panel by hitting the Start key on your keyboard and type: control panel and click the top result under “Best match.”

Start classic control panel

When the classic Control Panel opens up click on System.


Then in the System section click on Advanced system settings from the list in the left-hand panel.

The System Properties window will open up. Click the Settings button in the Performance box.

When the Performance Options screen opens make sure the “Visual Effects” tab is selected and uncheck the box next to “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” then click OK.

performance options

That’s all there is to it. Now Windows will no longer animate windows when you minimize or maximize them. Either way you disable the animation of windows on Windows 10 after doing so, you’re desktop experience will feel more snappy.

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