Turn Off the Star Wars Theme On Your Google Services

We previously showed you how to make your Google account apps and services incorporate a Star Wars theme. However, you might want to turn it off.

We previously showed you how to make your Google account apps and services incorporate a Star Wars theme. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. It adds Star Wars themed graphics and sounds to services like YouTube, search, and your email.

light and dark side

However, if you did pick the dark or light side, you might want to turn this off. Here’s how you do it.

I was having fun with the themes, icons, and sound for a couple of days, but noticed that while watching YouTube videos, a light saber sound would play when I was adjusting a video’s volume. It was cool at first, but after a while it started getting annoying.

That is just one of the things I got tired of, so I decided just to disable the themes for now.

Disable Google Star Wars Theme

To turn it off, head to and from there, drag your profile icon to the middle and click or tap Back to Default. Then close out of the page and when you use your services, such as YouTube, they will appear just like they always have.

Google Star Wars Theme Default

Of course, if you want to go back to the theme or change sides you can by heading back to and moving your icon.

Are you using the Star Wars themes with your Google account and services? If so, let us know if you like them, what you like best, and if you’re like me and just want to turn them off.



  1. Learjet

    Thanks for this. I decided to play around with it last week and have been thinking about when it would go away and I haven’t had time to search it out yet, so your article proved to be very helpful.

    I’d like to see Google implement all kinds of looks like this, not all of them movie related. Perhaps seasonal or holiday themes would be cool.

  2. Mark

    Thank’s very much for this, I spent ages trying to see how to turn it off again!

  3. Egbert

    Brian, appreciate the post! Fun at first but the novelty wore off. I’ve disabled the First Order and have returned to the Old Republic.

  4. milind

    oh my dear friend thank you very much………….

  5. Siddharth

    Thanks, that was annoying while playing youtube videos.

  6. jonty

    Thanks a ton. May the force be with you.

  7. Abe Pralle

    Thanks! I would have left the theme on indefinitely if it weren’t for the intrusive lightsaber sound on YouTube as you mentioned. :-/

    • Brian Burgess

      Yes, that’s exactly why I wrote this article. After a day of hearing the annoying lightsaber sounds and other effects…it just got annoying.

  8. alfredo bremont

    sound’s however “you can change the sound’s spectrum” dimed . it can as well be used for other purposes as two different worlds. the game world & the work world just like two desktops. the virtual netxtop: time to buy me a painting to continue the explanation.

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