Turn Off Online Shopping Features in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

The online shopping experience is enabled by default in Microsoft Edge version 87 and above. But if you find it annoying it can be turned off.

Starting with the new version of Microsoft Edge (version 87 or above) one of the new features is online shopping. Whenever you visit a site related to online shopping you get suggestions for coupon notifications, promotions, and more from the address bar. It’s a feature enabled by default on both desktop and mobile. While some might find this a useful feature, others of you might find it annoying and unnecessary. Luckily, you can turn it off in settings. Here’s how.

This is what Microsoft says in its release notes document regarding the online shopping feature:

Shopping features enabled by default. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 87 enterprise users can also benefit from shopping in Edge. With Shopping features, Microsoft Edge helps users to find coupons and better prices while shopping online. Coupon experience is available with this update and price comparison will be released in upcoming updates for Microsoft Edge 87.

Disable Online Shopping in Microsoft Edge

By default, when you visit a shopping website it will check prices at competing retailers and let you know if there are lower prices, coupons, or other promotions available. The image below is an example of what you get if you visit the Best Buy website.

Coupons found Microsoft Edge

The online shopping tool in Microsoft Edge is enabled by default in version 87 and higher.

To turn off this behavior in Microsoft Edge on the desktop click the Options button (three dots) on the upper-right-hand side and click Settings.

Microsoft Edge Settings

Next, select Privacy, search, and services from the right-hand panel. Scroll to the bottom under the Services section and turn off the button that is labeled: “Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge. We’ll automatically find you the best prices and coupons from across the web as you shop.”

turn off shopping

That’s all there is to it. Now you can go back to browsing the web without the price tag icon in the address bar. And it stops shopping notification splash screens from popping up on you. If you want to use the benefits of the tool while shopping online just turn it back on again in Settings.

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