How to Turn Autocomplete in Windows 10 File Explorer On or Off

If you don’t want to see a long list of suggested tools or locations when typing into File Explorer or the Run line you can turn autocomplete off.

The autocomplete feature in Windows 10 File Explorer helps you navigate it easier by providing suggestions as you type. It works similarly to how it works in your browser. As you start typing in the File Explorer address bar or the Run dialog, suggestions are displayed. You don’t have to remember exact paths to get to a location or launch a utility.

autocomplete RUN dialog

The autocomplete feature comes in handy when using the Run dialog as it helps you remember the commands you want.

A good reason to turn the autocomplete feature off is that it offers too many suggestions. For example, did you know you can get to a website by manually typing the URL into File Explorer or Run? That can add up to a lot of irrelevant suggestions when you’re trying to get to open a specific utility.

Note: To do this you need to hack the Registry, which isn’t something you should do if you’re not experienced or comfortable doing so. If you do something wrong, your system can become unstable or worse. Before messing with anything, make sure to create a Restore Point or a full system backup. This should work with Windows 7 and 8.1, too.
AutoComplete Example File Explorer

When you start typing in File Explorer it will provide suggestions of where to go.

Disable AutoComplete in File Explorer with Registry Hack

The autocomplete feature should be enabled by default on most systems. But, if it isn’t on, or you want to turn it off, it just takes a simple tweak in the Registry. First, hit the keyboard combo of Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog and type: regedit and hit Enter or click OK.

2 Regedit

Then head to the following path:


Then you need to create a new String Value in the left-panel named AutoSuggest. To do that, right-click and choose New > String Value and type in AutoSuggest.

After the string is created, double-click on it and set its Value data to either “yes” or “no” based on whether you want the autocomplete feature on or not.

That’s it. After you set the value, close out of Registry Editor and make sure it works. If you set it to “no” you won’t see the suggestions and vice versa.

How do you tweak File Explorer in Windows 10 to make navigating your system easier? Let us know in the comments below or join our Windows 10 Forums for more discussions and Windows troubleshooting advice.



  1. Ron Lund

    January 3, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    There is no folder named “Autocomplete” in my version of Windows 10 (which is Pro) inside the Registry and…….of course…..I haven’t been plagued with the autocorrect baloney you mention either. So…..not sure why this is. I’ll have to go and check some of my other computers to see what I find there. I have four with Pro and one with Home. Maybe the “Home” version will have this enabled. We’ll see…… However, I don’t recall any of my computers doing this autocomplete crap.

  2. John Smith

    September 14, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    I notice this very same thing all the time on “advice” for registry hacks to fix something on my home edition. Almost invariably the registry does not contain the parameters given, usually the last one. I never see it to fail, ever! BTW, hacking the registry is a piece of cake as long as the “gurus” out there check to see what is and what is not in the Home Edition of this crappy windows 10 OS. Thank God for Firefox, and also that no one ever touches this computer, ever!

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