Transfer Files Between iPhone and PC Wirelessly

FileApp for iOS lets you transfer data without connecting your device to a computer and using iTunes. Here’s a look at the free version for iPhone and iPad.

FileAppMany iOS users don’t like connecting their iPhone or iPad to a computer to transfer files. FileApp for iOS lets you transfer files and photos without connecting your device to a computer and using iTunes. It’s a file manager that allows you to view audio, video and document file formats too.

I know a lot of people are thinking “why not use Dropbox or Skydrive?” Well, you’re right. That is a perfect option while you’re on the go, but when I’m on my local network, FileApp lets me open an ftp address in Windows explorer and copy/paste the files directly. It takes out the “middle man” while on the same WiFi network.

Using FileApp on iPhone with Windows

First install FileApp on your device from the App Store.

When launched, FileApp displays the dashboard that lets you to manage files on your iOS device. First I’ll add files from my iPhone that need to be copied to my computer. From your device, tap Photos & Videos, give it access to your Photos app. Then simply select the images you want to add.

Transfer files ios 4

Click on Files from the dashboard and see the saved files under the Imported Files Folder.

Transfer files ios 3

After you have the files you want to transfer, go back to the dashboard and tap Share Local Files.

Transfer files ios 4

Turn on FTP Sharing and note the ftp address and port number from there.

Transfer files ios 5

Now, open Windows Explorer and paste the address you copied from the app. Make sure FileApp is running on your device as well. Type the address as and hit Enter.

Transfer files ios 1

Open the imported files folder, select the files you want to copy and paste to the computer. Then you can move files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad too.

Transfer files ios 2

The best thing I like about this app is that you can open many different file formats that aren’t natively supported. During my tests, I opened PDF and Microsoft Office DOCX files without a hitch. But for videos, you can only play the standard iPhone formats — H.264 and MPEG-4.

FileApp is free, but there’s also a Pro version for $5.99 that offers advamced features like moving multiple files at once, folder renaming, voice memo recording and a lot more.

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