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How to Transfer Bookmarks From Firefox To Chrome

Many people find it annoying when they have to transfer bookmarks from one browser to another. If you recently switched to Google Chrome from Firefox and want to transfer your bookmarks, here’s how to do it.

One way to switch them is to export Firefox bookmarks, then import them to Chrome. Open Mozilla Firefox, click on Firefox menu and go to Bookmarks >> Show All Bookmarks. Or use the keyboard shortcut or Ctrl + Shift + B.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 1

Click on Import and Backup and select Export Bookmarks To HTML.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 2

Select the location where you want to save your bookmarks file.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 3

Open Google Chrome, click on wrench icon, select Bookmarks and click on Bookmarks Manager. Or press Ctrl + Shift + O.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 4

Click on the Organize button and select Import Bookmarks from HTML File.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 5

Browse the location of the Firefox bookmarks file you exported and saved. Click Open.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 9

All the bookmarks are now saved in Google Chrome. Go to the Wrench Menu >> Bookmarks >> Imported to find the imported bookmarks.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 10

The latest version of Google Chrome makes it easier to transfer bookmarks and other data. It lets you transfer browsing history, saved passwords, bookmarks and other browser data automatically. To do so, click on wrench icon then Settings.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 6

Under Users section, click on Import Bookmarks and Settings.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 7

Select the browser that you want to import browser data from and click Import. That’s it.

Transfer Bookmarks Firefox 8

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One Response to How to Transfer Bookmarks From Firefox To Chrome

  1. Kent June 15, 2012 at 12:34 am #

    My way would be using a free extension called XMarks. XMarks helps to sync our bookmarks on the cloud with an account. We can bring our bookmarks everywhere and never afraid to lose them, brilliant!

    They also has premium service too. With only a few dollar per month we can even use XMarks on tablet. Neat feature if you are constant on the go.

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