The 10 Best Setapp Apps in 2021 Include Mac and iPhone Titles

With Setapp, you instantly gain access to over 200 apps on Mac for one monthly price. Here are the best Setapp apps of 2021.

First introduced four years ago, Setapp is an app subscription service available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. For one monthly price, you can use over 200 apps (and counting) on your Mac. Setapp started offering paid iPhone apps for a little bit extra in 2020. Here are the 10 best Setapp apps to use in the new year.

Best Setapp Apps: Mac-Only

The best Setapp apps of the year come from varying categories, including maintenance, lifestyle, and productivity. Our favorite seven Mac-only titles include the following.


Google Meet is one of the most popular remote conferencing apps in the world. It’s even better with MeetInOne, a desktop app that lets you add as many different Google Accounts as you need. Featuring picture-in-picture, push-to-talk, and auto-camera off. MeetInOne also includes the ability to control any meeting’s duration by adding a timer to your screen. You’ll also find meeting statistics in your meeting dashboard.

Best Setapp Apps MeetInOne


Mac users can already stream video to Apple TV thanks to AirPlay 2. With Beamer, video-streaming from Mac is elevated to a fun, new level with fewer restrictions.  At the heart of Beamer is the ability to stream video to Apple TV or Chromecast regardless of video format, codec, or resolution. It also includes support for subtitles and features a built-in remote control.

Beamer also includes a playlist feature that makes it possible to watch your favorite videos is just a few clicks away. It works with Apple TV with AirPlay and first- and second-generation Chromecast or other TV devices with Google Cast.

iStat Menus

A lot of useful information about your Mac is buried and difficult to find. With the highly-popular iStat Menus 6.5, this information is easily accessible from your menu bar. Indicators showing CPU load, memory load, disk usage/space, disk activity, temperature, battery life and cycles, weather, and more, are easy to customize. Hence, you only see the information you want. Information from iStat Menus is presented in real-time and without opening the app for an up-to-date experience.

CleanMyMac X

Not every app in Setapp is beneficial for every Mac user. That’s not the case with CleanMyMac X, an all-in-one maintenance app powerhouse. For novices and expert Mac users alike, CleanMyMac X offers a one-step scanning/cleaning process and advanced features like malware removal and privacy.

With the one-step tool, the app will scan your Mac’s hard drive, looking for unneeded files, potential threats, and ways to speed up the computer. CleanMyMac X also includes the ability to update and safely remove apps, eliminate large and unwanted files, and more.

Best Setapp Apps CleanMyMac X


MacBook users understand the many drawbacks that occur when the machine’s battery ages. Endurance has been designed to extend your laptop’s battery life while also improving its overall health. It does so by making energy-saving moves when certain events occur. For example, you can have Endurance slow down the device’s processors or pause the web browsers on your Mac when battery life goes below 30%, or have to tool constantly monitor apps that use the most energy. Endurance can also snooze inactive apps automatically, giving you one less thing to do.

24 Hour Wallpaper

Apple macOS includes a limited number of dynamic wallpapers that change according to the time of day. With 24 Hour Wallpaper, you instantly gain access to many more, including ever-changing scenes featuring nature and city backgrounds at full 5K resolution on supported devices. The nature package includes breathtaking scenes featuring the Sierras, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Pyramid Lake, Sonoma, and more. The city scenes highlight areas around New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Amsterdam, and others.

24 Hour Wallpaper is one of our favorite Mac apps, and with a Setapp subscription, you can experience the app every day for the price of admission.

Best Setapp Apps: Mac and iOS

With less than 20 supported apps currently available through Setapp, iOS integration is definitely a work in progress. Of those Mac and iOS apps that are supported, we have the following favorites.


Tasks, projects, and checklists are all part of the versatile 2Do task manager app. Offering support for scheduling multiple projects, subtasks, and reminders, the app breaks down everything on your plate down to simple tasks that are more manageable. Along the way, you can adjust tasks on the fly and stay notified as things on your calendar get closer.

With cloud sync, you can address everything on your list across multiple platforms, including macOS, iOS, and, with a separate purchase, Android.

Step Two

Two-step authentication adds another layer of security to online accounts. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to keep track of those two-step codes, often when they’re generated using various tools. With Step Two, this information is now held in one location. Adding new accounts to Step Two is as simple as scanning the account’s two-step QR code or manually adding your information. From there, you can access your data on Mac or iPhone.

Step Two works with any service that uses time-based passwords (TOTP) for two-step verification, including Amazon, Google, Twitter, and more.

Best Setapp Apps Step Two


The standard calculator on Mac and iPhone is no match for Euclid, a scientific calculator that supports Excel formulas, LaTeX, smart converter, and more. Offering an easy-to-use interface, this modern calculator is terrific for students, business people, and everyone else who needs a calculator.

Looking for more? Euclid for iOS comes with a Pro Scan feature that allows you to capture math problems using your Camera app.


Finally, with the Paste app, your copy-and-paste workflow on Mac and iOS becomes so much better. The app makes it possible to simultaneously copy and paste multiple items using a powerful clipboard history manager that keeps track of everything, regardless of the format. Text, pictures, screenshots, links, and more are easily accessible within this fancy app.

With iCloud syncing and backup, Paste offers your clipboard history across all of your devices.


A Setapp subscription is $10 monthly; when paid yearly, the price drops to $9 per month. For $20, you can purchase a monthly family plan that covers four Macs. For $2.50 per month extra, you can add iOS devices to your plan. There are currently 18 apps available for iPhone/iPad. You may cancel your membership at any time.

You can learn more about Setapp, including subscription information, from the official website.

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