How to Demo Windows 10 in a Browser Without Installing it (Updated)

On the fence about upgrading to WIndows 10? Microsoft has put together a nice demo page that provides a detailed look at how it works across devices.

Microsoft has put together a nice demo page for Windows 10 that provides a detailed look at how it works across PCs, tablets, and phones. If you’re on the fence on upgrading your current version to Windows 10, or a Mac user looking to get a better understanding of the experience, you might want to give it a try.

Update 11/30/20: This page no longer works like originally described. Now when you go to the portal page you can view videos on different features in Windows 10. It will show you how to use Windows 10.

Windows 10 Demo

To see how Windows 10 works across multiple devices as well as the new features it contains, just head to this portal page. It’s not an actual interactive emulator, even though Microsoft has dubbed it as such. The site uses a faux laptop and recorded demonstrations that show you around Windows 10 based on actions you choose.

Windows 10 demo topics

For example, you can experience how Cortana works, Microsoft Edge, Maps, working across devices, getting things done, etc. There are 11 categories, and each one has sub-topics that allow you to dig deeper into specific actions for the OS.

using Windows 10

After choosing what you want to know more about, a video starts playing that demonstrates the feature. After watching the video, you can then see how it works on a different device like Windows Phone or a tablet.

It’s a pretty cool site. If you haven’t upgraded yet and want to get a more “hands on” look at using Windows 10, this site is a good place to start. It runs in your browser, so there is no need to install anything or run a Virtual Machine.

After giving it a try, let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, remember if you have upgraded to Windows 10, for detailed questions and discussion, head to our Windows 10 Forums.

Windows 10 Online Demo Emulator



  1. Rich

    WOW! Thanks for posting this information! Great Post!

  2. Lynn

    Maybe I don’t get it – I’m sure I don’t. But how is it easier to type “what is in my calendar tonight after 6”, than click open my calendar and check! All this searching, and searching and searching that everybody else but me does.

    I must be missing the point. And where in the demo is – find a file! Maybe I’m just a loner but I don’t communicate with anything – laptops, people, maps, tablets, websites – all day every day. I don’t care about Sergi and what he wants for dinner :) This demo has not given me ANY urge to switch. Just call me a grumpy old woman.

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