How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11

You probably know how to take a screenshot on Windows, but sometimes you may need more content and want to take a scrolling screenshot on Windows 11.

Screenshots are essential in several computing scenarios. For example, you can gather details about a problem, create infographics, and get proof of payment. But sometimes, you might need to take a scrolling screenshot on Windows 11.

You can take a screenshot on Windows 11 using a built-in utility like the Snipping Tool or the Xbox Game Bar. You can also use a third-party utility like TechSmith’s SnagIt or an open-source option like Greenshot.

But sometimes, you may need to get a shot of multiple pages in a document or from a webpage, known as scrolling screenshots. You can use built-in browser utilities, extensions, or third-party apps like taking regular screenshots.

These options allow you to take a screenshot while scrolling, take an advanced screenshot, and edit or frame a screenshot on Windows 11. In this guide, we’ll explain how to take scrolling screenshots using browser tools, extensions, or apps that allow you to take them.

Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11 from Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 11, and it includes a function that allows you to take scrolling screenshots of multiple web pages.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser on the desktop and visit the site you need to screenshot the entire page.
  2. Click the three-dot button in the top right corner and select Web capture from the menu. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut.Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11
  3. Click the Capture full page option from the menu that appears at the top of the screen.capture full page
  4. After the shot is taken, you can scroll down and view all content from the page. You can also annotate the shot if needed. You can also use the buttons in the top right corner to share the shot, copy it to the clipboard, or save the scrolling shot.Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11

Take a Scrolling Screenshot in Firefox

Firefox is another browser that has a built-in tool for taking scrolling screenshots. Unlike navigating the menu system in Edge, Firefox has a more straightforward way to do it.

  1. Open Firefox on the desktop and navigate to the page you want to take the scrolling screenshot.
  2. Right-click directly on the page and select the Take Screenshot option from the menu that appears.take screenshot firefox
  3. Click the Save full page option in the top right corner of the screen when the menu full page firefox
  4. Once the scrolling shot is taken, you scroll down, view all the content, and use the tools in the top right corner to copy the shot, download it, or cancel it.scrolling screenshot options

Use a Scrolling Screenshot Extension

Currently, Google Chrome doesn’t have a built-in tool to take scrolling screenshots. However, you can use an extension to get the job done. Of course, if you are running another Chromium-based browser like Edge, you can also use an extension if you prefer additional features.

For example, you may want to use the GoFullPage extension or try the Scrolling screenshot tool & screen capture extension. Each has advantages and disadvantages; you may want to try both and see which you prefer.

They both work similarly and allow you to get scrolling shots of a webpage. For example, on Chrome, we’re using the Scrolling screenshot tool & screen capture extension. Open the extension and select the Full Page option or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11

Once the scrolling shot is taken, this extension provides additional editing functionality not found in other browser’s built-in scrolling screenshot tools.

scrolling screenshot editing options

Use the Third-Party App for Scrolling Screenshots

While there is no shortage of screenshot apps, not all offer scrolling shot capabilities. One that you can rely on to get the job done is ShareX, which is available to download from the Microsoft Store.

  1. Once you install ShareX, it will run in the background, and you can launch it from the taskbar.ShareX windows taskbar
  2. For an easy scrolling screenshot capture, right-click the ShareX icon on the taskbar.
  3. Select Capture > Scrolling capture from the menu that appears.scrolling screenshot capture option sharex
  4. An axis symbol will appear; click the web page or document you want to take the scrolling screenshot.Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11
  5. When the shot opens, you can make output changes.screenshot output option shareX
  6. Click Upload/save depending on after capture settings, and the shot will be saved to your default save location.Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11

Taking Scrolling Screenshots on Windows 11

If you need to get a screenshot of an entire webpage or long document, you can take a scrolling screenshot on Windows 11 using the above steps. For web browsers, Google Chrome is the only major one without a built-in tool, but installing an extension to do the job is straightforward.

You might want to use an extension if the built-in tool in the browser doesn’t have enough features. Of course, you can also use third-party apps like ShareX, which is free in the Microsoft Store. It’s important to note that these steps will also work on Windows 10.

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1 Comment

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