How to Tag Someone on Instagram After Posting

How to Tag Someone on Instagram After Posting - Hero

If you were too quick with the Share button and forgot to tag people in your pics, fear not. Here’s how to tag someone on Instagram after posting.

Ah, the classic “Oops-I-forgot-to-tag-someone” moment on Instagram! It’s like throwing a party and forgetting to invite the guests. But fear not, intrepid Instagrammer! There’s no need to pull the plug on your post and start from scratch. Instagram, in its infinite wisdom, has bestowed upon us the magical ability to tag our pals even after our photos are live for the world to see. It’s like a digital “post-it” note saying, “Hey, look who’s here!” So, let me guide you through the simple steps to tag someone on Instagram after posting, ensuring they too, can bask in the glory of your vacation snaps.

What Happens When You Tag Someone on Instagram

Imagine Instagram tagging as the tech equivalent of playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” but instead of a donkey, it’s your friends’ faces, and instead of a tail, it’s their Instagram handles! This feature is like giving your posts a social supercharge, making sure they zoom through the Instagram universe with a bit more oomph.

No more of those old-school captions where you’re listing people like you’re taking roll call in a classroom. Now, it’s as easy as tap, tap, boom — everyone’s tagged! Your followers can simply poke at the picture, and voilà — tags pop up like little digital hats on everyone’s heads.

But wait, there’s more! Your buddies get a notification they’ve been tagged, so they can see the candid snapshot you got of them. On their profiles, these tagged photos have their own VIP section. It’s like a curated exhibit of their social life, courtesy of you and other Insta-pals.

So, not only do they get to show off their snapshots, but they also have a gallery of “Hey, look where I’ve been and who I was with!” moments. It’s like having a personal paparazzi squad, but less intrusive and more fun!

How to Tag Someone On Instagram After Posting the Pic

If you forget to tag someone in an Instagram post, you can rectify that omission by following these steps.

  1. In the Instagram app, find the post you need to add tags to.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu button in the top right of the post.
    Tap 3-dot menu
  3. Next, tap Edit from the menu.
    Tap edit
  4. In the bottom left of the image, you’ll see either a Tag button or an icon of a person’s bust. Tap that icon.
    Tap Tag to tag someone on Instagram after posting
  5. On the next menu, tap Tag people.
    Tap tag people for someone on instagram after posting
  6. Tap the photo itself next, making sure you’re tapping on the person you want to tag.
  7. Search for that person’s Instagram profile and tap it.
    Search for account to tag
  8. At the top right of the Edit tags screen, tap Done after you’ve tagged everyone.
    Tap Edit tags - Done
  9. Finally, tap Done in the top right of the Edit info page.
    Tap Edit info - Done

Once you follow those steps, you’ll have fixed your oopsie moment. The Insta-pals you were hanging out with in that photo will get their due credit. They’ll be able to easily find their part of your best vacation memories.

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