Syncing Internet Explorer 11 Tabs and More Between Windows 8.1 Systems

Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1 finally has the ability to sync open tabs between other systems running the same. Here’s how to set up and use the feature.

Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 finally allow the ability to sync tabs across other 8.1 systems. This is a feature Google Chrome and Firefox users have enjoyed for quite some time already. The syncing process uses SkyDrive which is integrated into the new OS much better, here’s how to set it up.

Sync IE 11 Tabs in Windows 8.1

From the Start screen just type: sync settings and select Sync Settings under the results.

Search Windows 8.1

On the next screen select Sync Settings again.

Sync Settings

Now make sure “Sync Settings on this PC” is turned on.

sync settings this PC

After that scroll down further and under the Other Settings section turn on “Web Browser: My Favorites, Open Tabs, Home Pages, History, and Settings.” Then for each Windows 8.1 PC or device you have that you want to sync IE settings with.

Sync Everything

Now when you need to see open tabs on another Windows 8.1 system in the modern version of IE 11, right-click on the page and select the system you want to see the open tabs from. Favorites, home page history, and settings will be synced as well. In this example I‘ve selected the open tabs on my Surface RT.

new tabs



  1. Wade

    I’d love to see an app that runs on OS X that syncs Chrome history to the same cloud store that IE 11 uses, because the one catch when using this service of IE is that there’s no IE on OS X. Just history would be adequate, although having username/passwords go both ways would be nice.

    • Preston

      I’m not sure exactly how Chrome works on OS X, but my experience with Chrome on Windows is that if you sign into your Google account within Chrome it will sync all of your stuff between any browser sessions that you are logged into with your Google account. I’ve been using that feature for a while and it works great. It even synchronizes extensions you have installed on your browser.

      • Wade

        Yes, but you either have to use Chrome everywhere (using Chrome’s built-in sync) or IE everywhere (using IE’s built-in sync.) I’m in a position where I both can’t, and don’t want to, do either thing, because IE isn’t available on Mac, and Chrome is a step backward from IE on Windows tablets and simply isn’t available on Windows Phone at all. I use these platforms every day, and there’s clearly a gap.

        That’s why I’m looking for an app to bridge the sync protocols. It doesn’t seem terribly complicated, but the sync protocol of neither is open as far as I know.

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