How To Sync Specific Folders from SkyDrive to Your Computer

Back in November of last year, Microsoft released updates for its SkyDrive desktop program. Not only does it allow for Dropbox-like sharing, but also includes a Selective Sync feature. This lets you choose only the folders you want to sync from to your computer.

SkyDrive Selective Sync

Right-click the SkyDrive icon on the system tray and select Settings.

SkyDrive Settings

Then click Choose Folders.

Choose Folders

This gives you a list the folders you have on your SkyDrive. Just go through and uncheck the ones you don’t want to sync to your computer. Everything you’ve stored in SkyDrive is still there, but it will only sync what you want to your computer.

Folders to Sync

Remember that with your Microsoft account, you automatically get 7GB of space in SkyDrive. And you can access it from Android and iOS devices too – but the iOS app doesn’t work nearly as good as the Android version. The service has improved a lot over the past year, and its features rival that of Dropbox.

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