How to Sync Open Chrome Tabs Across Multiple Computers

Anyone running a recent version of Google Chrome has access to a Tab Syncing feature that I’ve seen few people utilize, but its a helpful to users running Chrome on multiple devices. With syncing enabled, you can remotely access the entire list of currently open tabs on multiple devices. I find it makes the switch between my Android phone, laptop, and desktop a seamless experience.

First, you need to set up Chrome sync using the same account on both computers. If you’ve already done that then you’re ready to go.

Once you have that setup, just go to a New Tab page and click the “Other devices” button along the bottom bar. The open tabs from other synced Chrome installations appear within the list.

sync open chrome tabs


If you’re sure that you have both computers set up to use Chrome sync with the same Google account, then there isn’t much that should prevent it from working, other than network connectivity. Another thing that might interfere is if Tabs aren’t selected as a synced item.

To check this open Chrome and go to the Settings window by clicking the gear icon then Settings. 

chrome settings

At the top of the Settings window click the “Advanced sync settings” button.

advanced sync settings

Within the Advanced sync settings dialog ensure that “Open Tabs” is checked. If you have it set to Sync everything then this will be automatically checked. Click OK to save and exit.

sync open tabs

Syncing tabs in Chrome can be really helpful if you’re constantly on the go and switching between a desktop and laptop. But, even if you don’t use more than one device it can still be useful for backing up your Chrome installation.

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