Turn YouTube Into Your Personal Music Library in Chrome

YouTube arguably has one of the largest music collections online. The Streamus extension for Chrome turns it into your personal music player and library.

While YouTube may include a ton of music, always having to select the next track or accessing users’ playlists can be annoying. Streamus is a Google Chrome extension that will completely eliminate those problems. It turns YouTube into a massive music library, perfect for creating playlists to suit your tastes and mood.

Even though the big record companies are unhappy about the amount of music on YouTube and the revenue they’re not getting, that’s not our concern. Since the music is on YouTube, available for free, we might as well listen to it!

Streamus Makes YouTube your Music Library

Streamus can be installed by just going to its website, and clicking the Install button. If you’d rather get it from the Chrome Web Store directly, you can do that, too – click here to get Streamus from the Chrome Web Store.

Streamus install

After installation, you’ll see a new button in the upper right side of your Google Chrome window for Streamus.

Streamus icon

Click that icon to access the Streamus main interface. Things are empty by default, you’ll need to start adding your favorite tunes.

Streamus icon on

To find music, click the Search button and start typing what you want to listen to. Results will appear as you type. Once you find something you want, drag it over to the playlist on the right.

Streamus search

Then, click the track to start playing it. You can drag and drop songs in any order you want. Whenever you want to change the track or adjust the volume, it includes basic playback controls that work like you’d expect them to from any music player.

Streamus playlist

the Radio Mode allows the stream to keep playing music once the tracks run out. From my usage it seems to pick similar tracks — similar to Pandora, Xbox Music, iTunes Radio, and other streaming services work. And if you think you’ve created the perfect playlist, you can save it.

Streamus save playlist

If you right-click any track in the playlist, you get a number of actions for it, as seen below.

Streamus track options

Should you want to retrieve a saved playlist, just click the menu button on the top left side of the Streamus interface. Your playlist will be there and you’ll also be able to edit or delete it.

Streamus open playlist

The Settings menu includes a feature that’s essential for music enthusiast who love high quality playback. You can set the quality of the stream between Highest, Lowest, or Auto. If you’re on slower connection or are unsure how your ISP will handle the packet, you should leave it on Auto first, and if that gives playback stuttering, then switch it to Lowest. But if you want to hear your music at the best quality, select Highest. Your mileage will vary on this.

Streamus settings

It’s also worth noting that once your playing the music you want, Streamus will be hidden and tunes will continue to play in the background — keeping the player out of your way while doing other tasks.

Our editor in chief, Brian, ran this on his Chromebook and said it makes for an awesome digital jukebox when hooked through an AV receiver.

Or, while you’re working on boring TPS reports at work on any computer with Chrome, plug in a set of headphones and tune out the rest of the office jabber.



  1. Teri

    February 8, 2014 at 8:12 am

    That is a fantastic tip. I love YouTube for music. I always start songs and minimize my browser just so i can.

    And it’s. It stealing because now days the artists and record labels are the ones doing the uploads anyway.

    Awesome tip groovy!!!

  2. Mason

    February 8, 2014 at 10:21 am

    It would be great if it worked.

    But it doesn’t.

    And doesn’t have any means of reporting the issues.

  3. mur_phy

    February 9, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    all I ever get is “streamus” is taking a load. would you like to try again — lot of good that does too. Guess beta is bada.

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