Windows 7 Media Center with Xbox 360 — Stream Digital Media

When Windows 7, Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360 were new and supported you could connect them. Those days have since passed.

If you’re running Windows 7 and have an Xbox 360, you can share the computer’s media libraries on the Xbox console. Here’s how to link them together.

Update: Windows 7 is no longer supported. Windows Media Center was also deprecated and is no longer included with Windows.

Windows Media Center with Xbox 360

First, make sure you have the media libraries in Windows 7 Media Center setup. Leave Windows Media Center up on the screen.


Turn on your Xbox 360 Console. On the newly updated dashboard, scroll to Apps >> My Apps.

On the My Apps screen select the Windows Media Center tile.


Your Xbox will try to find the PC running WMC – but not find it. Select Set Up a New Connection.


An overview of what you can do with WMC and the Xbox will display. Select Continue.


Next, it shows you a Setup Key. You’ll need this to connect the console to the PC running Windows Media Center.


Your computer will detect the Xbox 360 on your network. You’ll see the following message. Click Set Up Now.


A message comes up explaining Media Center Extender Setup. Click Next.


Now enter the Setup Key that’s displayed on your Xbox. Click Next.


Your system will go through the steps to configure the extender.


At the same time, you’ll see the Xbox connecting to Windows 7 Media Center on your PC.


The amount of time it takes will vary depending on your network speed and computer hardware. When the Extender Setup is complete, click Finish.


On your Xbox, you’re able to browse through your media libraries. You have access to everything from WMC on the PC. Movies, Music, Video, Live TV, Pictures, and more.


Here I selected the Movies Library on the Xbox 360. If you have a lot of content, it will take several minutes while the Libraries are Updated. Especially over a slow WiFi connection.


Select the Music Library on the Xbox 360 to access all of your music. Again, if you have a large collection it will take several minutes to update the libraries.


Now enjoy all of your media from your PC on your Xbox 360. Groovy!


To close out of Media Center on the Xbox, press the Guide button on your controller – the center button with the X. Then select Xbox Home.




  1. Zee

    Very useful! I’ve been trying to connect but I keep on getting a “Configuration Error” when setting up the Extender. Do you know if I have to be on a specific version of Win7 (vs. Premium)? Thanks.

    • Brian Burgess

      Nope. Any version of Windows 7 that has Media Center — Home Premium and up should work fine. You have everything on the same network right?
      Have you tried to hardwire your Xbox 360 to your network? Wireless can be flaky sometimes.

      • Zee

        Thanks Brian. I was able to get it working. For some reason XBox and WMC both had to be reset (new code) with the correct sequence of setup.

  2. Lee B

    Hi Brian,
    I’m a newbie to WMC and setting up an Xbox as an extender. I have set up my PC with a TV tuner to record TV and have successfully gotten that to work, but when trying to stream it to the Xbox, all I get is the sound with no picture. I can get still shots from my PC to show up on my TV through the Xbox, but not recorded TV video. Any help you can provide is appreciated!

  3. Hafiz

    I need a valid extender setup key for windows 7.

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