Stop MS Word from Creating a Hyperlink when Typing a URL

By default, when you type a full URL in a Word document, it creates a hyperlink. If you don’t want the URL to be a hyperlink, you need to manually undo it each time. But there’s an easier way — adjust AutoCorrect settings.


First, click the File tab then click Options.


Now select Proofing in the left panel. Click AutoCorrect Options on the right.

autocorrect options

The AutoCorrect window comes up. Select the AutoFormat as You Type tab then uncheck Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks. Click OK. Then click OK again to close out of Word Options.

Internet Paths

Now when you type in URLs or network paths, a hyperlink isn’t automatically created.


You can do the same in Word 2007 too. Click Tools >> AutoCorrect Options.


Then go through the same procedure to uncheck Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks.


This is nice when you’re writing a term paper or any document that you’ll be typing in a lot of site URLs that you don’t want to make hot links.



  1. Ewa

    Thanks! I really needed this!

    I never use the links in World and it really annoyed me when I accidentally clicked on a hyperlink…

  2. Jim and Grace Smyth

    Very helpful. Thank you for your competence, and clarity. This worked. God grant you His blessings in Jesus Christ the Lord.

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