How to Stop Apps on iPhone from Asking for Reviews

If you’re annoyed by apps constantly nagging you to rate them, you can stop apps on your iPhone from asking for reviews. Here’s how.

Being bugged to review an app you’ve just installed? Unfortunately, app developers heavily rely on the star-rating system to increase the visibility of their apps in the App Store.

These user reviews allow others to help make informed decisions on whether to download an app. In addition, the ratings and reviews help developers know which features to improve and develop further.

However, apps can get annoying by constantly asking for a review. If you don’t want to be hounded to provide a review, you can stop apps on iPhone from asking for reviews.

How to Stop iPhone Apps from Asking for Reviews

App reviews can help other users determine an app’s quality and reliability. But you might not have time to review an app, especially ones you have already reviewed or trusted quality apps.

If you don’t like leaving reviews for apps, you can disable the feature. Turning the setting off is straightforward and can quickly be turned off in your device’s settings. After turning it off, you will no longer get nagging notifications asking you to leave a review.

To stop apps on your iPhone from asking for reviews:

  1. Tap the Settings icon from the home screen on your iPhone or iPad.iphone settings app
  2. Swipe down the list and tap on the App Store option.Stop Apps on iPhone
  3. Swipe down the App Store settings and toggle off the In-App Ratings & Reviews option.

Once the In-App Ratings & Reviews option is disabled, you will no longer receive notifications asking you to rate and review the apps you are using.

This allows you to use your apps to get things done on your phone without review request distractions. Also, if you want to have apps request reviews in the future, return to the setting and turn on the In-App Ratings & Reviews option again.

Also, if you do want to rate and review something, most apps have the option to leave a review in the App Store that you can access in the app’s settings. Similar to the example below, you can leave a review for the Caset app that allows you to create collaborative playlists on Apple Music.

Stop Apps on iPhone from Asking for Reviews

Using Apps on iPhone and iPad

While a review request from an app you use is reasonable, you might not want to rate and review them—especially when it’s constant nagging. Luckily, the ability to stop apps on your iPhone from asking for reviews is an easy setting to enable.

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