How To SMS From Your PC Through Your Android Device

If you forget your Android smartphone and need to SMS, MightyText has you covered. Here’s how to set it up on Android and sync with a computer’s browser.

Text messaging is great if you’re on the go and always have your phone handy. However, there are some instances when we’re not with our phones – be it by choice or by accident. If you own an Android smartphone, you’re in luck. An app called MightyText offers a quick and easy solution.

MightyText is an app for Android phones that lets you access your text messages from any web browser. It free and doesn’t require you to register or install any additional software. Here’s how to get started:

From your Android Phone

First, install MightyText on your Android phone.

Choose the Google account you want linked to the app. This is the main account that’s set up on your phone. Tap on Complete Setup.

mightytext android app

A screen confirms that your phone is now linked to MightyText, with instructions on what to do next. That’s it. You can exit the app by hitting the Back key.

mightytext android screen

From your browser

To access your text messages from a browser, go to The link will lead you to a Google sign in page. Enter your credentials, and on the next page, click Allow Access.

The next page will show the MightyText home screen. From here you can compose a new message or view your inbox.

mightytext home screen

Popup notifications are also seen on the bottom right corner when a new message is received. You can change popup settings by clicking on the wrench icon on the top right corner of the box.

mightytext popup disable

To reply to a message, simply type on the reply field on the bottom and click Send.

mightytext send

You can also change how your send or receive messages from the app’s Settings page found on the top menu bar.

mightytext browser settings

Note that sending text messages using the MightyText web app still incurs fees from your carrier, as it only syncs information from your Android phone.

MightyText has been a pioneer for SMS syncing, and when I first tried it a few months ago, I was a bit underwhelmed. This latest version is way better, though, and it certainly feels more like a proper Android and web app with solid functionality. If you’re the type to forget bringing your phone with you, this app is a lifesaver.



  1. M Hanson

    It’s called Airdroid, been using it for weeks now. I keep in touch with people on the move and still get my work done on the PC. Seriously.

  2. Travis A. Dees

    SnapPea – does all of the above (mentioned in the article + comments) with a clean GUI and automatic reconnect on the same wifi network (w/o codes). Would’ve paid for it if necessary, but fortunately, it’s free, to boot! MUCH more feature-filled…

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