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Back in 1988 Will Wright would never have guessed that his city building simulation game would reach the heights it has. Now two and a half decades later, Maxis is preparing a massive online roll out for closed beta testers.

I’ve been following the SimCity franchise ever since I got hooked into it back in the 90’s with the SNES port and SimCity 2000. Just this week, EA and Maxis opened the sign-up form for closed beta on the next generation of the game. As many have been eagerly anticipating this move, it comes as big news in the gaming community.

The New Sim City Closed Beta

Visit the SimCity Beta Sign Up Page and click the Sign Up for The Beta button. This will require an Origin account. If you don’t have one, then you’ll need to create one to sign up for closed beta.

sign up

EA will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire, and at the bottom it will ask for a DxDiag file. A Dxdiag is an automatically generated report with information about your system’s hardware.
dxdiag upload required

To get a  DxDiag, click the start menu and search for dxdiag in Windows 7 or Windows 8.


The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open up. At the bottom right of the window, click Save All Information.

save all information

Save the DxDiag.txt file to a convenient location on your computer. You’ll have to upload it on the form in order to complete registration.

save as

If you encounter an error saying “File upload error. Could not move uploaded file. DXDIAG file is required.” This is a known issue, to fix it requires renaming the DxDiag.txt file to something unique.

could not move uploaded file

Just rename the file to something that nobody else has used yet, then upload it again to go through.

rename dxdiag

Once registration is complete, all you have to do is wait and see if you’re accepted into closed beta. If so, you’ll receive an email at the account you used to sign up for Origin.

thanks for registering

If you make it into closed beta, feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email. I’d love to hear your opinion on the new SimCity!

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