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How To Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

Windows 8, like previous versions of Windows, hides important application folders to keep users from accidentally deleting them. But sometimes you need to modify files that are hidden to tweak your installed programs. Displaying them is the the same as in Windows 7 and earlier versions, but getting there is different.

Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

From the Desktop or Windows 8 Start screen use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + W to bring up the Settings Search field and type: folder options.

Settings Search

Then click the Folder Options icon under the Results.

Folder Options

Alternately, you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + X to display the power user menu and select Control Panel.

Power User Menu

Then click Folder Options.

Control Panel

Now in the Folder Options window click the View tab, select Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives and click OK.

Show Hidden Files Folders and Drives

That’s it! Now you’ll see the hidden files and folders in Windows 8. To verify it worked, hit Windows Key + R and type: %userprofile% and hit Enter.


There you should see the AppData folder that’s hidden by default. You can tell which folders were hidden by the faded look of the icons.


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