How to Use the Shift Key to Disable Caps Lock

If you want to talk about useful hidden features in Microsoft Windows, this is one of them. This one little feature has saved me from Caps Lock annoyance dozens of times over the years in Windows.

Everyone has been annoyed by the Caps Lock key at one time or another. But you don’t have to go to the extreme lengths of disabling it just to keep it from becoming a distraction. One way I’ve dealt with the Caps Lock key by making the Shift key shut it off. This way, if for some reason it is left on, my natural flow of typing results in me turning it off. 

Open the Region and Language control panel. The easiest way to do this is to search for “language” from the Start Menu and then click the Region and Language link.

Region and Language control panel

In the Region and Language window navigate to the Keyboards and Languages tab. Here click the Change Keyboards button.

keyboards and languages tab

The Text Services and Input Languages window will come up. Go to the Advance Key Settings tab and then select the Press the SHIFT key. Click OK to save changes and exit.

press the shift key to turn off caps lock

You can test it out right away on your keyboard. Enable the Caps Lock key, and instead of pressing it again to disable it, just press Shift. Most keyboards will have an indicator light to let you know whether it’s on or off. 

Another cool tip is to make the Caps Lock Key beep and alert you if it’s accidentally hit. 



  1. TLSabados  

    Great Tip! Will be especially useful when I’m putting in a password and what I’m typing is hidden and I get a “wrong password” message, not realizing the cap lock is on. Also great because my Microsoft 5000 keyboard doesn’t have a light to show when the cap’s is on.

  2. zwolfe  

    Cool! Now how do I change the sound that I setup for caps lock off as per one of your articles? :) It would be nice if you included this at the end of your instructions, but I’ll search GP for it…..

  3. tdaniel  

    How about Win8? I found it: Open control panel, select ‘change input methods’, select ‘Advanced settings’, select ‘Change language bar hot keys’, tada: same dialog as described above appears…

  4. TOM  


  5. may  

    Cool, this tip is really help me! thank you!!

  6. brad  

    Awesome!! My caps lock was stuck on and I couldn’t even log in to my laptop because they require upper AND lower case letters for a password. Life Saver!

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