How to Share Your Phone’s Screen on iOS or Android Using Skype

Skype users have long been able to share their Mac or PC screen. But now the feature has come to iOS and Android. Here’s how to use it with your phone or tablet.

We’ve shown you how to use Skype to share your computer screen but the feature was limited to Macs and PCs. Now, with a recent update, Microsoft has brought the screen share feature to the mobile version of Skype. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, here’s how you can use the Screen Share feature. This will allow you to show your device’s screen with the other person.

Use Skype Screen Share on Android or iOS

To start, open the Skype app on your Android or iOS device and start a video call with one of your contacts. After the call has started, tap the options button (three dots) at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

From there tap the “Start Broadcast” button. That’s all there is to it. Now your contact will be able to see your phone or tablet’s screen and you can show them what you need to.

The screen sharing ability can come in handy in several situations. Maybe you’re on the go and need to help your friend or family member with the feature on their phone. You can walk them through the steps by showing it to them. Or, maybe you need to show off a document or presentation to your boss. Or, as Microsoft suggests: “Maybe you want to shop online with your best friends, or you need to collaborate with someone on the other side of the world from the comfort of your couch.”

Whatever the case, this is a long overdue feature that Skype users have been able to use on their computers. Our phones and tablets continue to be more powerful, now you can do work or play from virtually anywhere.

This new option is available on iOS and Android. However, it’s worth noting that it needs to be Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above. If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, you need to be running iOS 12 or later.

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