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Use Share Your Pass for Quick Access to Sites

How many times have you had to register on a site, confirm an email address, and maybe even get subscribed to an annoying newsletter, just to read a single article? It’s very annoying and I’ve discovered a good service that allows you to avoid the complications.

Bugmenot used to be a pretty useful solution, as it provides usernames and passwords to a lot of websites. But it hasn’t seemed to be working for me lately. So, looking for an alternative, I discovered Share Your Pass. It has categories of sites you can find logins for.

share your pass

All you have to do is to search for the site you want to get a log in for. Once you’ve found it, click to see the username. Then, just use that for your single login. The good thing about the site is that you can Report a Login that doesn’t work, and it will get checked by the administrators.

find login

You can add your own free logins, too, for others to use. The form can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

add free logins

The site also has a Firefox add-on, which you can get here

add on accept and install

Once it’s installed, an icon for the add-on will appear on your Firefox add-on bar. When you’re on a site you need a login for, just click its icon, and a window showing all available logins will pop up.

sharepass addon

Now, I wouldn’t use this on a constant basis, but it’s quite useful for a single use of a website. If it’s a site you’re using a lot, register an account.

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