How to Share Web Content Using Microsoft Edge

There might come a time when you want to share a web page your visiting. The Microsoft Edge browser has a feature that makes it easy to share via different apps.

When you are on a webpage while browsing in Microsoft Edge you might want to share it with contacts or on social media. The “Legacy Edge” version had a “share” feature and so does the new chromium-based version. Here’s a look at how you can share a web page to email contacts or on your social media followers directly from the browser using Microsoft Edge.

Share a Web Page from Microsoft Edge

Launch Edge and browse to the site you would like to share. While on the page, click the Settings and more (three dots) button and then click on Share from the menu.

share edge

That will open the Share menu where you can select the method you want to use to share the page. It includes apps like Mail and other social media apps you have installed like Twitter or Facebook, for example.

share from Edge

Select the app you want to use. In the example below I’m using the Mail app. It opens the Mail app to a compose message. If you have more than one account set up, click the one you want to use.

share link via Mail app

You then can select one or more of the contacts you want to share the page with. It will include the link to the article as well as a preview for it.

send email

As another example, here I am sharing a web page via the Windows 10 Twitter app. Again, it displays the link and provides a preview of the web page.

share via Twitter

And for more on sharing from Edge, check out our article on how to share webpages from iPhone to Windows 10. And if you want extra security while using the Edge browser, check out how to make Edge suggest strong passwords.

And for new features, check out how to use the new Math Solver Tool in Edge. Or, how to help keep your young children safe online while using the new Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge.

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