How To Share Files from SkyDrive in

When Microsoft updated Hotmail to, it added more features. One is deeper SkyDrive integration which allows you to easily share files from SkyDrive via email.

Microsoft’s continues to improve on a regular basis, and recently the company rolled out new features, including deeper SkyDrive integration. This allows you to easily share files from your SkyDrive storage through email.

Share Files from SkyDrive

Compose your message in and when you’re ready to attach a file, click Insert > Share from SkyDrive.

Share from SkyDrive

A separate window will open to the files and folders stored in your SkyDrive. Just select the ones you want to share.


You can also share complete folders too.

Share Folder

In this example I am sharing some photos and a folder from my SkyDrive. Notice that it displays thumbnails of your photos which makes it easier to know what you’re sharing. If you don’t want to share something, just right click it and select Remove.

Thumbs and Remove

When the recipient gets the message, they just need to click on a shared file, folder, or picture thumbnail and it will open to SkyDrive so they can view or download it.

SkyDrive View

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