How to Enable the Firefox Speed Dial Page

The Firefox team must have taken a note from Opera. This secret Speed Dial new tab feature adds functionality to an otherwise blank opening of new tabs.

Firefox has a new Opera style Speed Dial new tab page, but it isn’t enabled by default. If the default blank white page doesn’t appeal to you, the speed dial feature provides a groovy alternative.

Open Firefox and type about:config into the address bar. On the Void Your Warranty page click I’ll be careful, I promise!

firefox about:Config

In the search box type: browser.newtab.url

Then double click the preference name result and change its string value to: about:newtab

Now clear the search box and type: browser.newtabpage.enabled

Toggle the value of the preference name result to true.


Done! Firefox will use its recently viewed and pinnable Speed Dial menu for all blank new tabs opened from now on.

firefox speed dial new tab page



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