How to Set Up Pandora with Amazon Echo

Amazon is continuously adding features to its Echo SmartSpeaker device almost weekly. Here’s how to set up your Pandora account with your Amazon echo.

Amazon is continuously adding features to its Echo SmartSpeaker device almost weekly. One of the recently added features is Pandora integration. Here’s how easy it is to set up your Pandora account with your Amazon Echo.

Pandora for Amazon Echo

To get things rolling, you’ll need to have the Amazon Echo app, which is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire devices.

Select the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner, select Pandora from the list, and select Link your account. From there, either create a Pandora account if you don’t have one or select I have a Pandora account and log in with your email and password.

After that, your Pandora will be associated with the Echo app, and your list of stations will appear. Just select whatever you want to play to the Echo. From the app, you can control playback, volume, check out album art, switch between stations, and create new ones.

Another thing you can do later is say: “Alexa, Play Pandora,” and she will grab the last station you listened to and start playing it.

If you’re on your computer and the Echo is within earshot, you can control Pandora via the Echo web interface.

Here is a look at the album now playing screen looks like via the web interface. I have to say, the Pandora app for Amazon Echo is nicely built.

Amazon announced this week that it’s selling the Amazon Echo SmartSpeaker in the U.S., and no invitation is required. However, a couple of us here have one and are giving it high marks.

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It’s continuously getting new features added, like this Pandora integration, and as more features come to the Echo, we’ll continue to cover it.

Do you have an Echo? If so, let us know what you think of it so far. And what your favorite features, tips, and tricks are in the comment section below.



  1. Miche

    No support for Spotify?

    • Brian Burgess

      @Miche: You can control Spotify via voice commands, but you need to connect the Echo to the device you’re using Spotify on via Bluetooth.

      Connecting via Bluetooth also allows you to voice control iTunes as well.

  2. Stan

    Echo exceeds my expectations! So many great features. My favorite is the ability to control my WeMo devices. So cool to say, ‘”Alexa, turn on table lamp”, and hear her “OK” as the lamp comes on.

    It will be interesting to see what 3rd party developers come up with.

  3. Charles

    Echo is great … love the feature to play and control my Audible library.

    Echo is constantly improving and Alexa is digital “Girl Friday”.


  4. Kenneth J Blanchette

    Is there a cost to put Pandora radio stations on the Amazon Echo?

  5. EddieB

    Do I have to have the Echo app running on my phone for Echo to stream Pandora after linking my account to Echo?

    • Steve Krause

      Great question Eddie.

      No. After you setup your Echo to use your Pandora account, it goes direct. No need to access your phone after that. Works great. I do this almost every day.

  6. Damon

    Can Echo handle two Pandora accounts?

    • Steve Krause

      Today – no. The Alexa app will only allow you to add a single Pandora account.

  7. Melissa

    When I logged in my pandora account I used the wrong one(I have 2) and cannot for the life of me figure out how to sign out. I’ve searched and searched. Alexa was no help lol.
    How do you deactivate or sign out of pandora linked in echo?

  8. John S

    I can’t activate Pandora on my new Dot. Can anyone help?

  9. barbara graham

    Thanks for the article! The resident instructions involved a hamburger icon on the upper left corner of the Pandora page, which doesn’t exist. Amazon Echo’s instructions include that final step to hook it up.

    It wouldn’t go through without the correct input. For some reason, I input the wrong email address. I think I was being funny when I set it up with a fictitious name, but Echo did not approve.
    Works fine now.

    I’m still wondering why they include an extra step involving a nonexistent button. Nerd humour?
    Anyway, thanks for this page. It helped a lot.

  10. Brenda

    My alexa will not connect to my Pandora. For the the life of me. Urg I have done the steps over and over. Says it’s connected on my android 7. But she says. No. Help.. it’s making it’s %$#@ me off!!

  11. steve kolb

    do i have to subscribe to pandora to access through amazon echo device

    • Steve Krause

      Yes – You will need to provide your Pandora account through the app. Works great! You can ask Alexa to play all your stations as well as up-vote songs you like.

  12. jeff posluszny

    when I open the app it doesn’t allow me to open Pandora to link my account how can I fix that?

  13. Lisa

    one I go into my Alexa app and go into music and tap Pandora or spotify i get a message that App Support unavailable. Is any one else experiencing this?

    • Robert

      Did you find a fix for this. I am getting same message for Pandora and iHeart. Just changed phones and trying to get all back to normal.

    • Dave

      YES and I found the problem (finally). In the current Android App, do this: Go to Menu>Music, Video, & Books>Pandora – then look under the word “Pandora” at the top of the screen. Under it there is a small drop down choice (touch the down arrow). Choose the device (name & Echo Dot). You will then see your play list on Pandora (if you connected to your account first under Settings).

      Note: In that drop down field you will also likely see a name and Amazon music or library which is usually the default “device.” Until Pandora is the device choice, you will get no connection. And, someone said you have to select what you want to play from the phone app, that Alexa can’t select it by voice command. I have not yet been able to verify this one way or another. Good luck.

  14. Lisa

    Yes I did! Finally! Instead of going in the directory and going under Music Video & Books. I went into Settings > Music & Media and from there I found the prompt to connect my Pandora! It’s easy once you know what to do (and I was on the phone and all over the internet but I finally figured it out). Good luck! And let me know how it goes!

  15. Robert

    Thanks for your reply but I seem to still have a problem. I have done what you suggested several times (unlink–>link) and I still get the “App Support Unavailable” so I do not get a display of my stations and can not change the station from the app. HOWEVER, if I go to Alexa and ask for “Easy Listening on Pandora” it works!! Don’t figure. Help for anybody?

  16. Lisa

    If Pandora is playing the stations then you are linked—sounds like!

  17. Robert

    Yes, I agree that it appears to be linked, but why can I not see my list of stations in Pandora on my Alexa app? It worked before I downloaded the new Alexa app. I have had to go to the app to get certain stations because Alexa would try and connect me to something entirely different than what I asked her for. I have contacted Amazon about this and they have no solution and it happened to them also.

  18. Lisa

    Robert that’s a bigger question then I can answer. I don’t think you can see you list of stations in your app, it’s all vocal. So great you are connected. Beyond that I’m not sure,

  19. Kristina

    So frustrated! I linked my pandora account, no problem. I can my list of stations in the Alexa app and play the stations on the echo from there. BUT when I say “echo, play xyz radio on Pandora”, the response is “I cannot find pandora. You can link pandora by using the Alexa app”

    I’ve deregistered, reregistered, linked and unlinked. Googled and googled. Help!

    • kim

      same issue here with Iheart

      • Loaf

        Try rephrasing.. “alexa, play pandora xyx”

  20. Dave Campbell

    I found the fix, but when I posted it, this blog said it was forbidden. No idea why. I just explained the menus ….

  21. Dave Campbell

    Go to Menu>Music, Video, & Books. Select Pandora. Look at top of screen right under the word “Pandora.”. There is a small drop down menu. Tap on the down arrow and select the Echo as a device (the default is Amazon Music). You should see your stations (if you have linked Pandora in your App Settings).

  22. Dave Campbell

    Someone posted that you have to select what you want played through you phone app because Alexa can’t do that through voice command, but I have not yet been able to verify this one way or the other. Good luck!

  23. Tisa

    How do I get Alexa to use my pandora upgrade to no commercials. I have the Echo Dot where I initially had it connected to my Pandora acct that still played commercials. How do I now get the Dot to recognize my new Pandora upgrade?

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