How To Use Trusted Contacts on Facebook

Trusted Contacts is a new Facebook feature which allows you to regain access to your account with “a little help from your friends.” Here’s who to use it.

Set Trusted Facebook Contacts

First of all, let’s set these trusted contacts. You can add up to three contacts, but remember to add people you really trust and, also, people that use Facebook on a constant basis. You’ll need a code from each one of them to unlock your account, so you don’t don’t need to be worried that they could use this privilege to access your account without your knowledge.

Click the Security button on the top right side of the Facebook page, then click See More Settings.

facebook security

On the page that comes up, go to Security on right side menu, and then Edit, next to Trusted Contacts, then click Choose Trusted Contacts.

facebook security settings

You’ll get a notification, telling you what Trusted Contacts are and how to use them.

facebook trusted contacts

Click Choose Trusted Contacts, and you’ll be able to choose the people that will help you recover your account if something should happen. Just search for each of your friends, and when you have three, confirm them by typing your password.

facebook add trusted contacts

Now your trusted contacts are added (you can edit them whenever you like) and they will each get a notification. If you ever lose access to your account, they can give you the codes so you can get back in. Remember that you need the codes, from all of your Trusted Contacts.

Make sure you pick people you actually know, and that they can be trusted! Also, if you want to add extra security to your account, enable Facebook Two Factor Authentication.

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