How to Set the Default Folder That Opens in Finder on Your Mac

Finder is your access to all your files on your Mac. By default, Finder opens to the Recents folder. But, if you usually work in a different folder, you can change the folder that opens when you open Finder. We’ll show you how using a simple setting in Finder.

Set Default Folder that Opens Finder

You can either open Finder by clicking the app icon on the Dock that looks like a face. Or, you can simply click on an empty area of the desktop to activate Finder.

Open Finder on your Mac

Then, select Preferences from the Finder menu or press Command + , (the Command key and the comma).

Open Finder Preferences on your Mac

On the Finder Preferences dialog box, click General on the toolbar at the top.

Click on the New Finder windows show drop-down menu.

Click the New Finder windows show drop-down list in Finder Preferences on your Mac

A list of predefined options displays. If you want to open one of these locations, select the option you want.

If the folder you want is not in the predefined list, select Other.

Select Other from New Finder windows open drop-down list

Browse through the locations on the dialog box and select the folder you want to open by default.

Then, click Choose.

Select a default folder to open in Finder on your Mac

You’ll be returned to the Finder Preferences dialog box and your selection displays in the New Finder windows show drop-down list. Close the dialog box.

The next time you open Finder, your chosen folder will open automatically.

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