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How To Set the Autolock Interval on the Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 features a few ways lock the screen, but this can get pretty annoying if the screen gets locked too fast and you’re having to constantly use your PIN code or lock pattern.  Here’s how to decide how long it takes for lock screen to time out.

Goggle Nexus 7 lock screen

Set Nexus 7 Display Setting

Two things will have to set up in order to make sure that everything goes just as planned. First, set the display sleep interval by going to Settings > Display.

Goggle Nexus 7 lock screen settings display

Now, choose how many minutes of inactivity that pass before the display goes to sleep. You can set it between 15 second or 30 minutes.

Goggle Nexus 7 lock screen settings display inactivity sleep

Set the Lock Screen

Now, you’ve set when the display goes into Sleep mode, but that doesn’t mean it will be locked too. To make sure the display gets locked automatically at the same time, go back to the Settings menu, and select Security.

Goggle Nexus 7 lock screen security

Then tap Automatically lock.

Goggle Nexus 7 lock screen automatically lock

Now set it to automatically lock at the same time you set it to Sleep. Or maybe you want it to sleep, but not lock right away. Or, if you’re in a busy environment, you want the screen to lock right away. Just choose which settings work best for you.

Goggle Nexus 7 lock screen automatically lock interval


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