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How to Set the Default Watermark in Windows Live Writer

A lot of bloggers find it annoying when they have to add watermarks to every image constantly. If you use Windows Live Writer, it includes a way to set a default watermark. Here’s how.

Open Windows Live Writer and add the image you want to watermark. Click on Insert and browse the image you want to add.

Watermark WLW 1

After adding the image, click on the watermark button.

Watermark WLW 2

Add the watermark text you want to use on the image, select font and position then click OK.

Watermark WLW 3

Now, in the same Insert tab, you’ll see Set to Default button under Settings box. Click on it to set the used watermark as default.

Watermark WLW 4

Next time you upload any image for that blog, it will automatically add the default watermark. Similarly, if you working with different blogs, you can set up watermarks for each one. You don’t have to add the watermark every time you are adding any images.

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One Response to How to Set the Default Watermark in Windows Live Writer

  1. Bob March 2, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

    Finally! I found someone with the answer. I had been using a previous version of Live Writer (2009, maybe?) and had everything running just fine. Couldn’t figure out how to get it just right with the new version. (2013) Thanks for that snippet.
    I wasn’t getting it.

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