How-To Tip: Set Your Default Email Account

If you have multiple email accounts set up in, it’s easy to set one as the default. This is handy when using one for business, personal, etc. is an awesome email service from Microsoft. I recently made the switch to Windows 8 on my main computer. And I’m now using it as my primary email client.

When you set up an account, your Microsoft address is the default, but you can change it to something else. This is handy when you have multiple email accounts set up and want to use one account for business, another for personal, one for spam…etc.

Set Default Account in

Log in to your address and click Settings (gear icon). Then select More Mail Settings. mail settings

In Options, click Sending / Receiving Email from Other Accounts.

Send receive other accounts

Next, you’ll see a list of all email accounts you have set up in Under the You Can Send Mail from These Accounts section, click Use as Default next to the account you want to make the default.

Use As Default

If you want to add email accounts from other services, the process is easy. Check out my article on how to add Gmail to Another good article on using multiple accounts is how to create an alias email address. The alias feature provides increased security and decreases SPAM.

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1 Comment

  1. Elliott

    Brilliant thanks, restored my sanity. Slightly different in my recent but pointed me in right direction.

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