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Discord isn’t just a place for sharing text messages or images. You can use it to share videos you’ve made, too. Here’s how.

Experiences are there to be shared. If you can’t play with your friends, you can clip your favorite moments and share the videos on Discord.

While Discord has broadened its appeal, it still remains one of the best platforms for gamers. You can use Discord to send your gaming videos up to 8MB or smaller in size, making it a perfect sharing platform for a quick highlights reel. Of course, it doesn’t have to be gaming videos you send—you can share whatever you like!

If you want to send videos on Discord, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Rules for Sharing Videos on Discord

Before sending a video on Discord, remember these rules:

  1. Regular users can only send video files that are 8MB and below in size.
  2. If you want to send a larger file (up to 50MB), you’ll need a Discord Nitro subscription.
  3. Discord only supports the .mp4, .mov, .gif, and .webm file formats.
  4. The video doesn’t violate Discord’s terms of service or break any house rules of the server you’re uploading to.

If you need a tool to slim down the size of your video, check out Handbrake, a free and open-source video editing software. Handbrake can make videos smaller but retain the original quality.

If you’re looking for an online tool to decrease video file size, check out VideoSmaller if the video size is a few KBs or an MB over the 8 MB limit.

How to Send Video on Discord On a PC & Mac

You can send a video to your Discord server so that other members can see it.

To send a video via the Discord desktop app:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your desktop and select a channel
  2. At the bottom-left of the Discord Messaging Bar, click the add button and select Upload a File. It’s also worth noting you can double-click the add button to open File Explorer directly.upload file send videos to discord
  3. When File Explorer opens, navigate to the video you want to upload.
  4. Highlight the video and click the Open button.file explorer find send videos on discord
  5. You can optionally modify your video attachment by clicking the pencil icon. For example, a window appears that allows you to edit the video file name and “Mark as spoiler” for the courtesy of fans of your channel, and the video is a spoiler for a movie or TV show.edit video send videos on discord
  6. Press enter in the Discord Massaging Bar to upload the video—you’ll see the progress while it uploading
  7. Once the video finishes uploading, members of that channel will be able to watch the embedded upload send videos on discord
  8. It’s also worth noting that your friends and other members can download the video by clicking the download video send videos on discord

How to Send Videos on Discord via Android

If you don’t have a desktop around, you can also send videos on Discord using your Android device.

To send videos to Discord via Android:

  1. Download the Discord app (if you haven’t already) and sign in.
  2. Launch the Discord app on your Android phone or tablet.
  3. Enter the channel where you want to share the video.discord android channel
  4. At the bottom of the chatbox, tap the add (+) icon to open your gallery.
  5. Choose the video you want to upload and tap the send icon.upload video to Android
  6. You’ll see a progress bar appear while the video uploads.send videos on discord
  7. Once the video finishes uploading, members of your Discord channel can view the video or download discord videos uploaded

How to Send Videos on Discord via iPhone or iPad

If you’re an Apple fan, you can use your iPhone or iPad to upload videos to Discord.

To send videos on Discord via an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download the Discord app and sign in (if you haven’t already).
  2. Launch the Discord app on your iPhone or iPad and select the channel you want to add the discord video
  3. Press the add (+) button and scroll through your photos and videos.
  4. Select the video you want to upload. send videos on discord
  5. Check out a preview of the video first—tap the Choose button on the right if it looks good.Choose option
  6. Allow time for the video to upload.
  7. Once the video finishes uploading, other channel members will be able to watch or download the video.Last

Sharing Content on Discord

Using the steps above, you’ll be able to share your favorite videos on Discord on all available platforms, where you can watch and discuss the videos with your friends.

If you’re new to Discord, you may want to customize your settings. For example, you may want to turn off Discord notifications to reduce notification spam, or you may want to set up your own server. After you’ve created your own server, you can add bots or listen to music.

If you have any issues, don’t forget to give Discord a quick restart.

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