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Automatically Send Gmail Attachments to Google Drive, Dropbox and Box

attachments.mePreviously we showed you how to save Gmail attachments seamlessly to Google Drive. However, with the Gmail to Drive extension you can only save files on Google Drive. If you want to transfer files to other cloud storage services like Dropbox, give for Chrome a try. is a useful extension for Google Chrome that lets you save and share Gmail attachments to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive without leaving Gmail.

First, go to and install the extension for Chrome. Click on the Add Chrome Extension button and it will ask you to give access to your data on and Gmail. Click the Add button to continue installation. 1

Now, go back to the homepage and sign in with your Google account and give it access to your Google account. It will redirect you to main page where you can search for attachments saved on your Gmail account. 2

Next, open your Gmail account and it will show you notifications. Click the Get Started button. 3

A new icon will appear right next to your name in Gmail. Click on it and select Manage Cloud Services. 4

Select the cloud service you want to connect with your Gmail account. In my case, I selected Google Drive. 5

Authorize to access your Google Drive. 6

Now, its time to define rules for the extension. Click on icon and select Manage Rules. 7

Click on the Add New Rule and define the types of attachments you want to send to Google Drive or your selected cloud service. Click on All types if you want to save all the attachments to cloud. 8

Now click the Browser button to select the folder where you want to save your Gmail attachments. 9

Create a new rule to automatically send a specific type of file to your Google Drive. Now, whenever you get an email attachment, it automatically saves the file types to your Google Drive folder.

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