Save Money and Program Your Own Car Clicker Replacement

Replacement keyless entry clickers can cost hundreds of dollars for your vehicle if you order from the dealer. Save your money and program your own with ease.

Does your car have a keyless entry system? If so you might be aware of just how expensive it is to replace a lost or broken remote at the dealership. For my car, I was given an estimate of $275. I felt like it was a little high, so I looked around for other options. It turns out  you can purchase a universal clicker and program it for most cars. In most cases it costs less than $20 and only takes about 15 minutes to setup.

The first thing to do is use some Google-Fu to lookup if your car model is capable of working with a generic remote. This usually just involves a search like “can my <car model> use a universal fob, clicker, remote?”

use google to find if your car is compatible with generic clickers

Next pick out a generic clicker that works with you car. Amazon has a better selection than just about anyone else, except eBay. Most universal clickers will work with almost any car, I suggest reading up on the reviews and compatibility lists from each model.

clickers on amazon

Now once you have your clicker, the work begins. To program the clicker you’ll need to get in the car and put the key in the ignition. The following parts need to be done rather quickly in order for the programming to work.

The clicker may come with its own instructions, in that case just follow those.

key in ignition

  1. With the key in the ignition turn it to the “On” position. This is the position just before the engine cranks turns on.
  2. Next turn the key as far as it will turn in the opposite direction, usually this position is labeled “Lock.”
  3. Repeat the steps 1 and 2 a total of three times within 30 seconds.
  4. Open and close the driver door 3 times. This should cause all of the locks to cycle.
  5. On the generic remote press the unlock button twice. This should make the doors lock and then unlock. If this fails to work, try opening the driver door and closing it again before pressing the unlock button again.
  6. Pull out the key and check if the remote is working.
  7. If things still aren’t working, start over from step 1.

door unlocked remotely

Hopefully this tip will save you a few bucks, and a few headaches!

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