Steam: How To Keep Your Gaming Account Secure

If you’re a PC gamer, you know Steam. If you don’t, you need to.

For games, it’s the closest thing PC users have to an Apple App Store. So just imagine what would happen if someone hacked into your Steam accounts.  It happens. And it’s devastating. Here’s how to add an extra layer of security.

At the top left of Steam, click Steam > Settings.

Steam client settings

In the Settings window, click the box: Manage steam guard account security.

Manage steam guard account security

Check the box to “Deauthorize all other computers now.”  Click next.

deauthorize other computers from accessing your steam account.

A confirmation window will display — your account now is secure and, in the future, you’ll need a unique code Steem sends you by email to get in.

Good security is all about layers. There’s always more you can and should do, but congrats! So far as Steam goes, you have a lot less to worry about.

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