Search for Songs Across Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud the Easy Way

Finding a service that has a favorite song online to stream can be a hassle. TuneCrawl makes it easy to search across Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud all from one place.

There’s millions of songs online, but knowing which service you can play them from can be a chore. TuneCrawl is a great online service that lets you search for music from Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud all from one place.

Head over to and type in the song you’re looking for. You’ll get three columns showing results from each service. You can stream the song by clicking the blue play button, share a link to the songs on Twitter or Facebook, and buy the tracks from Amazon Music or Google Play.

SoundCloud Playing

One thing to note is you need a Spotify account to stream those songs on the TuneCrawl site.


When you select a song from YouTube, by pressing the play button, a video pops up on the same page so you can check it out. This is much easier than being redirected to the YouTube site. If you click the title of the song and artist, it will open a new tab to YouTube though.

YouTube Example

I like this site because it’s fast, lets me easily find music, and the streaming service it’s on. Plus being able to preview it, and then purchase it if I really like it is an added bonus. Now, if they would only add MOG results, I would be a much happier user.

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