How to Save a Webpage as a PDF in Safari

If you want to keep a webpage with helpful instructions or details, you can save it easily. Here’s how to save a page as a PDF in Safari.

When you come across a webpage that you want to save in Safari, you can easily save it as a PDF document. This lets you then annotate the PDF, share it, or use it as a reference. We’ve already shown you how to save pages as PDFs in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Now it’s Safari’s turn!

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF in Safari

You have two simple ways to save a webpage as a PDF in Safari. The method you use depends on if you want to adjust any of the page settings first or just grab it quickly.

Save a PDF With Adjustments

If you’d like to preview the PDF first and make some changes, ensure the page is active in Safari and then click File > Print from the menu bar.

When the print settings open, click Show Details on the left side. Then, you can select specific pages to save or all of them, change the page orientation, and display the headers, footers, and background.

Print settings for PDF in Safari

Once you adjust these settings, click the PDF drop-down box at the bottom and select Save as PDF.

Select Save as PDF

Then, optionally adjust the name for the file, include tags, or use the Security Options. Select a location and click Save.

Choose a location to save

Save a PDF Quickly

If you want to save a webpage as a PDF and not worry about additional settings, you can do this in a few clicks.

With the page you want to save open and active in Safari, click File > Export as PDF from the menu bar.

Click File, Export as PDF

You can change the file name and include tags if you like. Pick a location and click Save.

Choose a location to save

Saving a Page as PDF is Simple in Safari

As you can see, saving a webpage as a PDF in Safari is easy as pie! You can do a quick and simple save or take a moment to adjust a few settings. Either way, you’re covered!

For doing more with PDFs, take a look at how to save an email in Gmail as a PDF or how to combine PDF files on your Mac.

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