How To Pair the Roku 2 XS Controller to Play Games

One of the cool features of the Roku2 XS is the ability to play games like Angry Birds and others. The remote control that comes with it acts as the controller as well. Here’s how to pair the controller with your Roku box.

The remote should pair successfully out of the box. But sometimes you need to change the batteries, set the Roku to factory settings, or some other issue comes up and it doesn’t work correctly.

First, power on the Roku box. Open the battery compartment press the purple button and point it at the Roku device for a few seconds.

Battery Compartment Pair button

Now from the main menu select Roku Player Settings.
Roku Settings

Next scroll down the menu and select Game Remote Pairing.

Game Remote Pairing

If the pairing was successful, you’ll see the Roku Remote information on the following screen.

Remote Info

Now that you have it paired up, you can play Angry Birds – which is included,

Playing Game

And use the controller for other games available for purchase.

Games Channel Store

Remember, you can use your iPod or iPhone to control your Roku or Android device too.

My Channels Roku iPod Remote

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