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Create a Playlist of Local Artists for a Roadtrip

Roadtrip Mixtape is a cool service for those of you who take long trips and want to discover local music while taking a trip. It’s a service which creates playlists which are tailor-made for a particular trip, allowing you to sample the local artists. Here’s how it works.

Roadtrip Mixtape

First of all, you must know that Rdio and Spotify are used with Roadtrip Mixtape but you can, after all, use it without them, too (it’s just not as much fun).

Start by going to the website of the project, which can be found here.

On the top left side, input the start and end points of your trip. I suggest that you are logged in to Spotify and/or Rdio before you do. I’ve decided to take a trip from Vienna to London.

Now, after entering the two locations, hit the Enter key on your keyboard. You’ll see your itinerary on Google Maps, broken into 15 minute portions – the green dots.

Roadtrip Mixtape trip

Hit the Play Mixtape button and you’ll be able to listen to local music from the places your itinerary is crossing. If you don’t have a Rdio account, each track will only be played for 30 seconds.

Roadtrip Mixtape'play

If you want to hear music just from a specific area in your journey, know that you can do that, too. Just click any point on the route and you’ll be shown the music artists in that location.

Roadtrip Mixtape play leg

But what if you want to take your playlist with you? That’s why a Spotify account is a good thing to have. That’s because clicking Save Mixtape will save your playlist to your Spotify account.

Roadtrip Mixtape save

When it’s saved, you’ll get a message lie the one below and you’ll be able to listen to it from Spotify. You can even create a Spotify playlist folder for each of the trips.

Roadtrip Mixtape saved

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