Further Customize Firefox 4 with the Stratiform Add-on

Firefox 4 - Stratiform Add-on allows customization of the browserIf you are using the new Firefox 4, wouldn’t it be nice to completely customize it to match your style?  For many Chrome is the browser of choice simply because of it’s minimalistic theme, but you can now set Firefox 4 to be just like it.  Stratiform is a free extension for Firefox that will allow you to customize all of your toolbars so that they will match your desktop theme or just become less intrusive to your web experience.  Let’s set it up!


Step 1

While using Firefox, Download the Stratiform extension from the official Mozilla add-ons site.

Stratiform add-on for Firefox 4 download page

Step 2

Click the Install confirmation button and Restart Firefox.

install add-on confirmation window firefox 4restart firefox add-on install

Step 3

Once Firefox is restarted, Click the Firefox menu button at the top-left of the browser.  From the menu Select Options > Stratiform Options

Alternatively you can just Type about:stratiform into the address bar.

stratiform options

Step 4 – Customize!

There are 4 different menus to customize:

  • Toolbar
  • Tab Bar
  • Add-on Bar
  • App Menu Bar (the Firefox button)

stratiform customizer

Each menu has a huge variety of options that you can customize, this includes icon style, text box style, icons, colors, and a few other things. 

stratiform color options


Stratiform is a groovy Firefox interface customization extension that will allow you to further customize the toolbar beyond what the built-in settings allow.  I give it two groovy thumbs up, especially considering that it includes a way to change the color of the Firefox menu button to something not-orange.

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