Sound Serum Is The Free Cure To Musical Illness

When I’m busy at work or writing groovyPost’s for my favorite website, it helps me relax and improves my efficiency to have some groovy music playing in the background.  Since I enjoy a wide variety of music, my favorite way to listen to music is through an online service such as Pandora, Playlist,, or Spotify, or GrooveShark.  But recently I was sent something that has become my new favorite, Sound Serum.

Sound Serum isn’t your usual music streaming site

Sound Serum is an online music library chock full of creative commons licensed electronic music.  This means that if there is a song that you like, you can download it without any worry of the RIAA coming after you.  Sound Serum incorporates a Java based music player that works directly in your web browser.  The interface is simple, and as you know us groovyPost’ers are huge fans of simple.  Once you visit the site it will play a constant stream of music until you press Pause, Stop, or close the website.  Each song has a “Rating” system that allows you to Like or Dislike each item, the number of likes (or dislikes) will show up under the Rating category next to the song name.

Sound Serum interface and music player

It’s Mobile

I haven’t been able to get it to work natively on my Android web browsers yet, but it does work from the iPhone Safari browser without any problems.  Most mobile browsers will allow you to download tracks directly, and if you prefer also just throw their provided m3u or xspf playlist into a media player app.

sound serum on the iphone


Sound Serum is a groovy free web app that allows you to listen to a collection of techno style music, and it even lets you download the music while you listen to it.  It doesn’t have an unlimited library of tracks, but at this point it looks like it is off to a great start.

Try Out Sound Serum directly in your web browser!

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