Pismo is a Lightweight Virtual-drive that Adds Mounting to the Right-Click Context Menu

Pismo - A lightweight virtual drive that uses the context menu and command lineWe can all agree that when it comes to virtual disc drives, Slysoft’s Virtual Clone Drive is king of the hill.  But, if you’re looking for an alternative that does things a little differently –Pismo could be it.  This groovy app is extremely lightweight (just like Virtual Clone Drive is) and actually has more features than meets the eye.  Additionally, if you have some developer know-how, it can even be used cross-platform.  Installation is easy as it gets so let’s jump right in and take it for a quick spin!

Once installed, to mount an ISO all you have to do is Right-Click it and then Select Mount… from the context menu.  There is also the option to Quick mount, but that lacks all of the features you’ll see below.

mount an iso with the context menu

When mounting you’ll be prompted with Mount Options.  Here you can assign how limited of permission to grant the mounted object.  In order to perform installations, you’ll need to select Entire System. One item down, you can Select which drive letter you would like to assign the mounted ISO, or just set it to auto (or even none).

iso mounting options

Once mounted, it will show up on your computer as a Network Location.  Your computer will treat this location just like a removable disc.

mounted iso drive shows up as a network location

Want to give it a shot?  Download Pismo from their official developer site. For a list of the full features, see this page.

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