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If you’re in the IT industry, then you’ve probably worked with enough people to know that having a Microsoft certification is a requirement nearly anywhere you might interview, especially in today’s job climate.


This fun game from Microsoft called “Are You Certifiable” is a fun way to test your IT knowledge and learn new things at the same time.  Best part, it’s free.

Microsoft's new silverlight game, Are You Certifiable?


This game runs in Microsoft Silverlight so you may install it before playing.  Once you get started, then things are pretty simple.  You can sign in as a guest, but you won’t get full access unless you register a Microsoft Live account.  Once you get in, Choose whether you are an IT Professional or a Developer.  Then Pick a name and a character to play as Clippy was an obvious choice for me.

choose a microsoft certification avatar


Just like with “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” there are a few lifelines and tools thrown in to help you along the way as you answer questions.

use microsoft certification lifelines


At the top right of each question, you see the time you’ll be given to respond to that question.  The questions are practical, no-nonsense problems that are very similar to what you would encounter while testing for Microsoft Certifications.  Some questions are labeled HARD and worth more points than others. To keep things competitive there is even a leadership board at the top.

microsoft certification practice questions


The questions are multiple choice, and so you always have a 25% chance of getting it right even if you simply guess.  There are a few different bonuses you can earn. For example, the faster you answer a question, the higher your score will be.

microsoft certification practice game


When you get an answer right, you see how many points you earned. But more importantly, there is an explanation describing why your answer was right.  If you answer wrong, you’ll be shown the correct answer and given an explanation as well, so it’s a win-win situation as long as you don’t care too much about points.  Additionally, if you want to repeat the topic you can Flag it, and the game will come back to this question and similar ones so you can practice them repetitively.

flag a microsoft cert question to repeat it


Overall it’s a groovy game to help you get your Microsoft Certification which beats reading a dry computer book or an online Microsoft learning clinic any day of the week.


Give it a try and drop your feedback here.  Would love to find out if it helps anyone get “certifiable.”  ;)


Play Microsoft’s “Are You Certifiable” [via Microsoft]

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1 Comment

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    how did you find this. this is hilarious.

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