Microsoft Analytics for Twitter Pulls Tweet Data Directly into Excel Spreadsheets

imageMicrosoft Excel is a groovy tool for creating statistical charts, so why not use it to track Tweets? “Analytics for Twitter” is a Microsoft created spreadsheet that fully automates the process of tracking search queries, tweets, retweets, and top-posters across the Twitter network.  It has multiple features, and it does what the name advertises.  The best part? It’s free.

Note: Requires Microsoft Office 2010 (2007 and 2003 won’t work)

The Analytics for Twitter spreadsheet is available for download from the Official Microsoft download center.

The sheet shows groovy visuals for Twitter statistics, and it allows you to compare multiple queries much like Google Insights works for Google searches.  But, it lets you add nearly an unlimited number of users, tweet terms, and hashtags to the pie and chart data.  Additionally, you can customize what time of day you would like to see the statistics for.



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