KatMouse is a Simple App That Brings the OS X Scroll-Wheel Style to Windows

KatMouse - Bring OS X scroll-wheel style to Windows 7One of the things that I really like about Apple’s OS X is that regardless of which window you have selected, the one you are hovering over will scroll up or down.  Unfortunately, in Windows it doesn’t work quite the same.  You have to first select the window that you want to scroll in, otherwise scrolling doesn’t work.  KatMouse is a free app that will change that, and it also allows for a great amount of customization.

While it’s true there is a registry hack that can do the same thing, that also causes some compatibility issues and doesn’t allow for much customization.  KatMouse on the other hand, lets you do a lot more.  KatMouse can be downloaded for free from the developers official website.  Once installed, it will show up in the taskbar system tray as an icon.  From there, you can enable it on the fly, or go into the settings menu.

settings, enable

From the KatMouse properties window you can adjust how many lines each scroll does.  There is also another groovy feature, you can assign a mouse button that will tell a window to “send to back" or “send to front.”  This feature can be added from the wheel button

general show icon in taskbarwheel button customization

If some programs don’t work well with Katmouse, you can adjust how the mouse wheel works for them on an individual basis.  You can also adjust individual windows within applications; this allows you to disable KatMouse within them, or just set the speed of scrolling on a case-by-case basis.

application wheel mouse white listkatmouse window whitelist

katmouse custom scroll settings


KatMouse is a free tool that brings OSX to Windows while also offering the additional perk of a wheel button “send to back” functionality.  The program is small with an installation size of only 700KB that is set to go as a portable app.  KatMouse works like a groovy charm, and despite the fact that it hasn’t been updated since early 2009 –it still works in all of the latest versions of Windows.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anon

    While KatMouse does work on all Windows OS’s, it does have problems with Windows 7. For best compatibility KatMouse needs to be run as Administrator, but even then it can loose it’s ability to function.
    Just a limitation introduced by Windows 7.

    A good alternative is WizMouse (not perfect but does work better with Windows 7).

    Pre Windows 7 systems, I highly recommend KatMouse.

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