Friday Fun: An Early Look, Hands-on Review of the iPad 2

iPad 2 - Pre-release review of the deviceWhile Apple fans around the world eagerly await official news of the iPad 2 specs, price, and release date – we’re going to jump the gun and take a look at a full hands-on review of the device.  Apple sure has made a lot of advances since the iPad 2, and you seriously won’t believe what this thing can do!



So what’s under the hood of the iPad 2 you ask?  Well, that is still a mystery until next the Apple event coming up this Wednesday.  But, in the mean time you can see exactly what the iPad 2 can do, just check out the video below for the full “review!”

I have to say, out of all of the new features my favorite has to be the screen size.  When I handled the first generation iPad, I was worried that it might be too small.  Now I know, with the iPad 2 Apple is doing it right and they’ve made it the perfect viewing size, and somehow it even still fits in your pocket!  Have a groovy weekend everyone!



  1. SueJ

    Norwegian humour :-)

  2. MrGroove

    Not bad :)

  3. Beyond_Life

    “…If you have Justin Bieber, it wil actually self-destruct..”

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