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Stumbling across something new, original and useful doesn’t happen very often on the Internet anymore (at least not for me).  Twitter this, Facebook or Apple that etc etc etc…  That’s why I’m excited to talk about something new I found this week which is actually original, useful and… FUN!

FunMail is a free visual messaging platform for most major services and mobile phones .  Huh?  Ok, simply put, using one of it’s free services what you do is write out a message for someone / something and and FunMail will create a 100% original visual message which will not only include your text/message but also a photo which goes along with the context/theme of your message.  VERY GROOVY!

Let’s take a look at an example:

Free iPhone Application FunMail Screenshot

You just download the FunMail iPhone App and use it to send someone a text: “Wake up!  Let’s go grab breakfast!” the FunMail App will analyze your message and provide you with a list of Images to choose from.  If you don’t like the first FunMail, simply click the arrow until you find one you like.

In my example, I had to scroll about 3 or 4 times before I found the perfect FunMail picture that matched the mood I was in which is what I think is groovy. 

Even if you type the same message to someone (wife? husband?) every day, you can still make the FunMail original.  Yeah, not that’s groovy!

How does it work?

How tagging works with Free Service FunMailObviously FunMail has some secret sauce behind the scenes however the process is fairly straight forward in regards to the FunMail Message Templates.  If you have time or want to become a contributor, it’s all layed out in a well written “Learn the ropes” PDF on the FunMail site.

In summary, the message templates are created using the FunMail Template Online Design Tool.  Once uploaded, Images / Photos are tagged which enables them to be used when particular words or phrases are used in a FunMail message.  Once tagged, the designer uses the tool to assign the location for your text and tada, a new template is ready for use by FunMail users!

I’m sure this is a gross simplification of the overall process but it’s probably more detail than any of you really care about.  Hopefully, you’ve already quit reading this review and your already playing with the tool!

To get started, just hit the website – and type out a quick message.  It will create a new FunMail and give you a feel for how the service works.  If you like it, I suggest the iPhone or FaceBook App.  The Twitter integration… isn’t as “fun” being that it’s not possible to display images in Twitter updates yet therefore only a link to your FunMail will be posted. 

Update – 4/25/2010
The good people over at FunMail have contacted me to let me know that a HUGE update is coming to their service in the next few weeks! Here are some of the new features which will be included:
1. The app will now be available for iPod Touch
2. Users can now send just a plain text message as well as a picture message
3. Users will be able to do a direct reply.

Apparently, the update has already been submitted to the Apple App-Store so it’s just a matter of time.

Have you played with FunMail before?  What do you think?  Do you know of any other tool LIKE FunMail we should review?  Drop a note in the comment below!

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