Friday Fun : Looking for the Coolest External Hard Drive Ever? Found it!

Flashrods - External Hard Drives

If your in the market for the coolest External Hard Drive out there, look no further as I think I just found it for ya – over at  True to their slogan, it will be a stretch to find a cooler external hard drive out there and they defiantly look nicer thank the black hunk of junk external HD drive I have sitting on my desk!
Flashrods - External Hard Drives

Anyway, they have several different cars you can choose from including Classic muscle cars, a Mini Cooper or even a Back to the future Delorean all packed with a 500 Gig hard drive for $225.

I personally don’t own one however reading over the website they look pretty legit and the cars look very well made.

If any of you groovyReaders out there buys one of these, be sure to post your review below in the comments as I’ll probably get one as soon as I get enough time to actually do something personal on the cpu…

Have a great weekend everyone!

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